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Тест по английскому


  • Для определения Вашего уровня, Вам необходимо выбрать правильный вариант ответа в предложенном тесте.
  • Время выполнения не должно првышать 60 минут.
  • Для удобства работы с тестом воспользуйтесь Бланком
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Placement Test

1 I like to ________ a shower in the morning.

a) make b) do c) have

2 We are going ________ in December.

a) ski b) skiing c) to skiing

3 Where do you ________? - I am from Chile.

a) come to b) come from c) come back from

4 She came for dinner and _______some lovely flowers for me.

a) bring b) taken c) brought d) took

5 Where ________ you going? - I am going home.

a) is b) are c) am d) was

6 We arrived ________ Rome early.

a) at b) to c) in

7 Ben is on holiday ________.

a) in a moment b) at the moment.

8 There are 60 ________in a minute.

a) seconds b) months c) years d) hours

9 She’s a good teacher. She teaches ________.

a) badly b) good c) well.

10 I ________ a letter to my friend in Zimbabwe last night.

a) write b) written c) wrote d) writed

11 Your uncle’s son is your _________.

a) aunt b) niece c) cousin d) nephew

12 I need something to drink. I’m _________.

a) hungry b) surprised c) upset d) thirsty

13 - _________ - Fine thanks.

a) Hi! b) Good luck c) How are you? d) Excuse me

14 Excuse me, _________ do I get to the library?

a) how b) can c) where

15 She talks to her brother _________ every week.

a) at the phone b) on phone c) on the phone

16 I woke up when the _________rang.

a) wardrobe b) alarm clock c) kitchen

17 Have you got any ________? I’ve only got a $ 10 note.

a) bags b) change c) shop

18 - Do you like my new car?

a) - I very like it b) - I like very many. c) - I like it very much.

19 - The princess is very good-looking.

a) Yes, she is more beautiful than her sister. b) Yes, she is most beautiful than her sister. c) Yes, she is beautifuller than her sister.

20 – Have you _______ eaten sushi? - No, never. What is sushi?

a) since b) yet c) ever d) for

21 - Why can’t she walk? – She _______her leg.

a) broke b) is breaking c) has broken d) breaks

22 Did you see that film _______ last night?

a) at the TV b) on TV c) in TV

23 The weather is worse than ever. It’s _________.

a) terrible b) lovely c) wonderful.

24 I’m studying to be a doctor ________ I want to help people.

a) because b) but c) why

25 We learned about African rivers in our _________ class today.

a) geography b) biology c) information technology

26 ______ are words which have the same or similar meanings.

a) Articles b) Synonyms c) Syllables d) Suffixes

27 Could you ________ the television and turn it on.

a) rub out b) look up c) plug in

28 “ ______patient” is the opposite of “patient” .

a) Il b) Im c) In

29 She speaks English fluently but she has a ________ accent.

a) strong b) big c) heavy

30 Did you have any help or did you do it ______your own?

a) by b) for c)on

31 We have a lot of ________ students here.

a) Portugal b) Portugalish c) Portuguese

32 ( in a shop ) - Can I help you? - No, _________thanks.

a) am looking for b) I’m just looking c) I just look

33 It was a great match. The final ________ was 3-3.

a) points b) score c) draw

34 When we ________ home, we always have a cup of tea.

a) get back b) get on c) get up

35 After breakfast we ________ the housework.

a) make b) do c) get

36 “_______” means “ ready to give money, help, kindness, etc.

a) hard-working b) wise c) honest d) generous

37 In ______ morning she goes to _______ work early.

a) the , a b) the, the c) a, a d) the, ---

38 Kate can’t make her mind up about anything, she takes a long time to ________ what she wants to do.

a) decisive b) decision c) decide

39 We _______ get up early tomorrow, it’s a holiday.

a) don’t have to b) mustn’t c) can’t

40 I talked to a girl who was very ______ in dangerous sports like parachuting.

a) interesting b) interested c) interest

41 Paula and Maria are ______ financial dealers, but ______ of them are millionaires.

a) both, neither b) second, none c) both, none

42 If you heat water it _______.

a) will boil b) boils c) should boil

43 It depends ______ the number of people you are going to invite.

a) for b) on c) to

44 The Queen gives a ______ about the state of the nation every year on Christmas Day in Britain.

a) speak b) speech c) speaker

45 I _________ a new computer if I had enough money.

a) would buy b) will buy c) bought

46 Hey, Vicky, what _______________this weekend?

a) do you do b) are you doing c) will you do

47 They have _______ a school orchestra.

a) set up b) come across c) got on with

48 I would like to apologise to you _______ my son’s behaviour.

a) about b) for c) from

49 I like to get away from everything on holiday to have a bit if peace and ________.

a) calm b) quiet c ) resort

50 ______ means “ for example”

a) etc. b) i.e. c) e.g.

51 ( on a plane ) You can put your hand luggage in the _______.

a) departure lounge b) overhead lockers c) excess baggage

52 The front door of a house is usually _________.

a) circular b) pyramid-shaped c) rectangular

53 I’ll need a new car soon, but this one is OK _________ .

a) for the time being b) for the time c) for ages

54 The defendant was ________ of the crime and sent to prison.

a) committed b) charged c) convicted d) innocent

55 The actors or singers in a play or musical are called the ________.

a) cast b) audience c) performance d) orchestra

56 Do you live in the __________ or in the centre of town?

a) valleys b) factories c) suburbs

57 The _________ in towns in Britain is 30mph ( 48 kph) .

a) speed control b) speed limit c) fast limit

58 _________ newspapers have long articles and serious content.

a) Tabloid b) Broadsheet c) Daily d) Magazine

59 Did you see the new _________series on TV last night? Its’ very funny.

a) documentary b) drama c) comedy

60 They have three children. They find it difficult to _________ on one salary.

a) get on with b) get by c) get through d) get rid of

61 ______ my regards to your mother when you see her.

a) Make b) Give c) Do d) Keep

62 Paul’s very kind, but he is always late. He is not very _______.

a) flexible b) punctual c) ambitious

63 ( in a restaurant ) - How’s the meat? – Very good, very ______, thanks.

a) tender b) tough c) tasteless

64 Products are stored in _______ before they are sold.

a) an assembly line b) warehouse c) an invoice

65 I tried phoning Kate but the line is ______ . She must be on the phone.

a) dialed b) engaged c) put through

66 I must ______ my visa. It runs out next month.

a) renew b) valid c) fill in

67 _______ accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

a) half-board b) room only c) full-board

68 I wish I _______harder when I was at school.

a) had studied b) studied c) would study

69 I stopped _______ because I was out of breath.

a) to run b) run c) running d) runner

70 I enjoy ______ the Internet because you can find a lot of interesting things online.

a) looking b) diving c) surfing d) watching

71 An antonym of “slim “ is _________.

a) overweight b) skinny c) thin

72 suffix used to form an adjective from “forget “ is ________.

a) ive b) ful c) il

73 My daughter’s name is Niamh. People always _______ pronounce it.

a) dis b) un c) mis d) il

74 She doesn’t _________ herself very well.

a) express b) depress c) impress

75 I didn’t believe the story. I found it a bit far-_________

a) away b) –flung c) fetched d) out

76 I can’t get you a ________ of the document. The printer is not working.

a) print b) printoff c) printdown d) printout

77 The expression “the __________ vote” refers to the voting power of older people.

a) grey b) old c) white d) ancient

78 He __________ the seeds over the soil.

a) sprayed b) splashed c) sprinkled

79 You can watch _____ you don’t touch.

a) unless b) as long as c) in case of

80 There’s a huge _______between these two accounts.

a) world b) gap c) discrepancy

81 It’s not fair to blame Jack. ______ he was only doing what he was told.

a) At the end of the day b) Still c) Hang on

82 The company will have its ________ in the centre of town.

a) whereabouts b) foundations c) headquarters d) authorities

83 She was very badly stung. She was attacked by a _______ of wasps.

a) shoal b) swarm c) herd d) flock

84 I didn’t do a(n ) ______ of work this morning.

a) stroke b) article c) spell

85 After a few days it warmed up and the snow turned to ________in the streets.

a) sleet b) slush c) drizzle

86 Kurt has _______his boss again.

a) fallen away from b) fallen out with c) made up from

87 He wasn’t doing well at work and he _________.

a) went on strike b) got the sack c) fired

88 ( notice in art gallery ) Photographs strictly __________!

a) permitted b) admitted c) prohibited d) allowed

89 “The fall” in American English is “ ________” in British English.

a) autumn b) rubbish c) the underground

90 It’s too late. You can’t _______ back what you’ve said now, but you can apologise.

a) do b) make c) take d) bring

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Сегодня знаменательный день для всех участников уникальной олимпиады, где важны не столько знания, сколько интеллектуальные способности: развитые память, внимание, мышление и воображение.

21.04.2017 Программа XIX Международной олимпиады «ИнтеллекТ»
9.04.2016 Подведены общие итоги XVIII Международной олимпиады «ИнтеллекТ»
9.04.2016 Приветствие декана МГИМО Я.Л.Скворцова
9.04.2016 Александр Цекало участникам Международной олимпиады «ИнтеллекТ»
9.04.2016 Началась XVIII Международная олимпиада «ИнтеллекТ»
27.04.2015 Отзывы участников II Международного Интеллектуального чемпионата
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18.04.2015 Интеллектуальный чемпионат состоялся!
18.04.2015 Начал работу II Международный интеллектуальный чемпионат
11.04.2014 Итоги Олимпиады. Групповые победители
11.04.2014 Итоги Олимпиады. Абсолютные победители
11.04.2014 Итоги Олимпиады. Общая номинация
11.04.2014 XVII Международная Олимпиада "ИнтеллекТ" стартовала!
20.03.2014 «ИнтеллекТ» в Самаре
13.03.2014 Анонс регионального отборочного тура олимпиады «ИнтеллекТ»
19.04.2013 Список победителей I Международного Интеллектуального Чемпионата
18.04.2013 Гимназия «Максима» поддерживает интеллектуальное движение
12.04.2013 Завершился основной тур Международного Интеллектуального Чемпионата
12.04.2013 Первый Международный Интеллектуальный Чемпионат в Ломоносовской школе
27.04.2012 Благодарственное письмо от немецко-русской школы им. Ломоносова в Берлине
24.04.2012 А.В. Меламед об успехе, Олимпиаде «ИнтеллекТ» и современных школьниках
22.04.2012 Номинанты XVI Международной Олимпиады "ИнтеллекТ"
21.04.2012 Победители и номинанты группы школьников, выполняющих задания на английском языке
21.04.2012 Победители XVI Международной Олимпиады "ИнтеллекТ" (2-11 классы)
21.04.2012 XVI Международная Олимпиада "ИнтеллекТ" началась
20.04.2012 До Торжественного открытия Олимпиады 17 часов
20.04.2012 Пресс-конференция в школе "Гармония"
19.04.2012 Торжественные проводы участников XVI Международной Олимпиады "ИнтеллекТ"
12.04.2012 Интеллектуальное движение поддержала Самара
10.04.2012 Наша Ломоносовская команда готова к победе

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